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I don’t know about you but I’m starting to think about preparing for seed planting, in my greenhouse at least. Honestly, I can’t wait to get started but it’s a little early yet so all I can do is clean stuff. I’ve been sweeping out the dust, bushing pots, cleaning seed trays and, after seeing Monty do it on Gardeners’ World, scrubbing my plant tags.

It was very tedious. And yes there is not much else to do right now but I’d rather spend my time reading gardening books than this. I got halfway through scrubbing and gave up. Then, I wondered if bleach would work. So I put them into a bowl with some water and poured in some bleach. I left it overnight and, guess what happened… No more scrubbing for me.

I think it worked because the tags were written with Sharpie and the bleach just ripped right through it. I made sure to

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This contemporary chandelier by Nao Tamura is aptly named flow(t). The pieces are inspired by the colors of the Venetian lagoon. Each pieces has its own shape and when they are grouped together they create and amazing sculptural quality that is engaging from every angle. I have alway been intrigued by glass and its ability to bend and transform light while taking on different shapes and colors.

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Here is a cute little solution for the cat lovers out there, a modified pet bed of sorts that should give your prized felines an inviting solution as far as sleeping is concerned. The Kitty Meow Catbed comes in a cat-shaped head design, equipped with soft cushions which should give your cat a proper place to rest or sleep on.

Designed by Studio Mango, the Kitty Meow Catbed is available in various colors. It is easy to clean and should keep your cats out of your bed or furnishings. The catbeds are available from PetsInn Shanghai and should be a neat piece to have for cat owners out there who want to pamper their kitties even more.

It’s gone cold here. We’re down to -12C (10F) at night. That’s proper freezing. We’ve had a bit of snow too which is nice. It makes all the frost worthwhile. But my plants are suffering.

The Winter garden is, well, wintry. The Sprouts and Red Cabbage are frozen in time but nothing is actually growing. The Leeks are bolted into the ground and I didn’t harvest the Celery in time. Poor things.

My Lettuces inside the greenhouse are – dead. I had a heater in there but I just don’t think it could cope with the temperatures and they succumbed. We won’t be eating it now.

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The first time a saw that chair (the first picture) I about lost it. You know when an object or art pieces just speaks to you, ya you know what I am taking about. It became my personal mission to find out who design this stunner. A follower on my Pintrest was able to identify the designer as Gianfranco Frattini. Recently I came across the designer that was responsible for using them in one of their projects. Damon Liss has an amazing portfolio full of mid century interiors that are are breath taking.

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