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Studies have shown that just after seven years, the typical London renter will be over eighty thousand pounds better off than typical buyers in other parts of the country. After approximately eighteen years as well, the London buyer will be financially better off than the equivalent renter with a ten percent deposit. This leads to a large amount of rental interested in the general London area, as most of these rates simply cannot be found anywhere else.

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Aside from the capital, Bournemouth is currently the second most renter friendly location, and Aberdeen is another especially cost effective option for potential renters to enjoy. Read more…

When it comes to decorating, you cant go wrong with nature. In fact, most color schemes reflect those found in nature because they are relaxing, eye-catching, and complementary. Here are four ways you can incorporate nature in your interior designing and decorating plans.

When you get into complex systems of nature it can be overwhelming, but as far as decor goes, adding one or two natural elements will balance your furnishings and tie your whole room together. Display a twisted branch on top of an end table or shelf.

You could also bring in one or two live plants to put in a corner or windowsill. If

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Amaryllis is a bulb and can be kept to bloom again, as long as the bulb is well replenished.

As the glorious blooms wither, cut them off but leave the full stem to die back naturally (once it shrivels, snip it off at the base). The stem, along with the leaves, helps the bulb to build up energy. Give your amaryllis lots of sunlight, food and water—the more vigorous the leafy growth the better.

Once all danger of frost is past, put the plant outdoors in a shady spot, gradually acclimatizing it to more sun (about six hours a day). Sink the pot into the soil and continue feeding and watering. At summer’s end, the leaves will start yellowing as the bulb moves into dormancy. Stop watering and feeding and let the bulb dry out. Bring it indoors before frost. Trim off the dead leaves and store the bulb, in its pot or loose, in a cool, dark locationfor eight to 10 weeks. Che

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Angel detail from The Virgin of the Rocks Leonardo da Vinci

To be a gardener, you must have faith.  You must believe you can coax life to bend to your will.  You are a god.

This is a spiritual time of year, and a time to renew faith in God.  Whether a personal god, the pagan gods, or a god of doctrine and formal beliefs, true belief is a comfort.  A comfort that there are bigger things than us, that we exist in a larger spirit.  Life will always go on.  Perhaps without humans one day, but life is good, it will go on.

I have this faith.  And yes, I believe in God despite any scientific proof.  I see it when a  flower unfurls, a seed sprouts, when the sun bursts thru the clouds.  I am co

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The entryway is your homes first chance to make a lasting impression on visitors. You want it to welcome them with a warm greeting and invite them into your home. There are several ways you can decorate your entryway to leave a fabulous first impression.

The entryway is your chance to blend the outside of your home with the inside. Create a design that will show guests what they can expect from the rest of your home in terms of color, design, and your decorative style. Blend this with a bit of your outdoor decor to blend the two seamlessly.

Your front door is the perfect frame for your entryway. Be sure to include it in your decor to add to the fabulous first impression. Choose a color or wood tone to match your homes interior color.

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