Building Your Own Home

In this time economy you and your spouse are able to build your own home. Looking forward when you married and purchased a parcel of land for when you were able to build that dream home of yours. Every week you made it a point to put some money in a savings account. Five years and one child later you were still putting money in the savings account turning it into CD’s for more money that you placed back to the savings account. Here it is 7 years later and number two baby is on the way and you are just about ready to contact a builder. Find one who has a good history in the area where you are building and do some investigative work yourself. Check all the insurances and liabilities the contractor is required to carry by law and see the paper work, do not take his word only. Make sure you do your homework and check with the local Better Business Bureau, ask friends and family about what they know about the contractor.
It’s time to determine how many bedrooms and baths which is going to determine the value of your home now and later. Plan on at least 2 bathes making sure that one is only for the master bedroom inside the master bedroom not allowing anyone to use it unless you tell them. One bath should be in the hallway and consider a half bath , toilet and sink in the area around the living room or family room. During this time consider cabinets;

cabinet installation

should be by the contractor and take the time out to talk to them about

bathroom space saver cabinets
You will want as much storage space as possible in the entire house but storage for the bathrooms will be tricky. Get as much as you can for the baths.
What is most important is that you get what you pay for and make sure when you ask questions you get a full answer. Always know that you are the person in charge and the contractor is your employee and he answers to you. Talk to them in advance of anything so you both are the right track.

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