kirra jamison + dane lovett

Melbourne creative couple Kirra Jamison and Dane Lovett live in a 650 square foot partially converted industrial warehouse. When they moved into the space, they painted all the walls (the few that there were in the wide open space) and studio floors white. It was a challenge at first to make the space feel cozy and homey (it does get cold in winter too!), but they have found a way to make their home colorful and playful. With various pieces collected over the years, including some that will stay with them forever and others that will be passed on yet again, it’s really easy to rearrange the space. Now they couldn’t imagine living in a “real” house and love the convenience of being above their studio spaces in a community full of painters, photographers, interior designers, a florist and a furniture designer. For those of you in Melbourne, don’t miss Kirra’s upcoming show at the Sophie Gannon Gallery April 19 through May 14th, and for those in Paris, Dane has a show at Colette in May. Thanks so much to Kirra, Dane and their lovely neighbor, photographer Daniel Mahon, for the photographs! — Anne

The pink chairs are original Casala. The painting above the bookshelf is by Jake Walker, and the Biro and pencil drawing is by Laith McGregor (another swap). The collection of vintage eskys is a must in Australia.

for more of Kirra and Dane’s Melbourne home!

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